Building the dream

Much as we thought we had found out everything we needed to know about the site we bought in Co Down, there were still plenty of surprises along the way, writes self-builder Brian Corry who’s building the dream eco house.

In his building the dream series, Brian chats about:

  • How to save money by going DIY
  • How to manage the project yourself
  • How to work with an architectural designer for the design
  • How to design around the site
  • Why he chose to go with a passive house specification and how
  • Full details on heating, hot water and ventilation system (in his case, all in one) plus full insulation and airtightness spec
  • Kitchen design and choice of windows and doors, plus external finishes
  • How to get the look on a budget with clever sourcing
  • Full floor plans and specifications


Part 1 – Design to a budget – Skip to Part 1

Part 2 – External finishes – Skip to Part 2

Part 3 – Heating, hot water and ventilation – Skip to Part 3

Part 4 – Insulation and airtightness – Skip to Part 4

Part 5 – Kitchen design – Skip to Part 5

Part 6 – Building services – Skip to Part 6

Part 7 – Windows and doors – Skip to Part 7

Part 8 – Design tailored to the site – Skip to Part 8


Written by Brian Corry

Book review: Build Your Own

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