Selfbuild+ is a resource tool for anyone who is building, renovating or extending their home.

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All Ireland Projects

Over 200 local projects including selfbuilds, extensions and renovations

News & Advice articles

300+ articles for tips and guidance

Build Cost Hub

Latest prices and bill of quantities to help you cost your project

House Plans Library

96 architectural drawings from all over Ireland


All the steps to help you through all aspects of your journey

Frank Ledwith Magazine review

While I was building our home in 2016-'18, I found the magazine to be very helpful. It was one of the few things that came in the post that was welcome! I liked the regs. explanations, the adverts, the sponsored articles the finished home reviews. I would have preferred more practical advice as I was a hands-on self builder. I'm sure the advertisers wouldn't like to see too much actual building tips though! Like, how to lay a DPC or membrane, how to fit draughtproofing tape, how to get a good finish on concrete etc..

Grace Practical, valuable advice

The magazine is a fount of knowledge about the variety of issues faced by self builders including site selection, new technology in building process and heating and ventilation to providing an east way to connect with suppliers. Thoroughly enjoy reading the case studies provided.

Adam Valuable Information for Self-builders North and South

The website and magazine are both valuable resources for anyone hoping to build their own home. The information on the website covers both Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland and I've included some of my favourite parts below. I'm hoping to become a self builder soon in Co. Down (if planning goes well). I've been a subscriber for around 2.5 years. 1 The projects section is excellent. 2. Building Cost Guidance 3. Newest Tech in Heating and Energy 4. Regulation update notifications 5. Self Build Live Belfast

Pat Information

Important up to date information, learning something new all the time.

Gerard Murphy Amazing resource

Self Build Ireland is an amazing and credible resource site

Frances Fantastic Magazine

Fantastic Magazine - great information, well presented and with a good range of articles. Worth every cent!

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Selfbuild+ is a resource tool for anyone who is building, renovating or extending their home. In print and online, Selfbuild+ provides advice, inspiration, and guidance, keeping you up to date with the latest technology, products and trends. Selfbuild+ also features hundreds of exclusive local projects, showing you how other Irish homeowners built or renovated their home.

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Unlimited access to selfbuild.ie including The Selfbuild Journey, a step-by-step guide to building your home; exclusive Irish new build and home improvement project profiles; expert advice articles; inspiration pages; podcasts and videos. Plus quarterly Selfbuild magazine delivered to your door; exclusive member newsletters; access to members-only Facebook group; early bird access to events and other special offers.

How to save time and money when building, renovating or extending your home. Read, watch and listen to the experts, follow the step-by-step Journey guide, and get tips and advice from other self-builders.

When you sign up, you will create a Selfbuild+ username and password. This will give you access to your dashboard, where you will be able to change details like your address or card information. This is also where you will be able to cancel your subscription at any time.

At Selfbuild+, anyone undertaking significant work on their home or building new is referred to as a self-builder. As a self-builder you can have either a lot or very little to do with your self-build project, getting stuck in or leaving the build and logistics to the professionals.

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