Our 32 page Selfbuild Guides highlight the basic things you need to know about the major aspects of home building and renovating in Ireland, both North and South.

Whether you’re looking for an overview of the entire self-build process and building methods or want to get an idea of what design options are open to you, we’ve got it covered. We’re constantly adding to the repertoire and always welcome suggestions and comments, so if you want to suggest a topic or have some feedback, don’t hesitate to email info@selfbuild.ie

Planning Your Build

Welcome to a new series of articles highlighting the basic things you need to know about building a home in Ireland, on both sides of the border. This issue we start with the topic of Planning Your Build, covering everything you need to know before you invest any money in the project.

External Style

An important part of the design process is deciding what the house will look like when you drive up to it. The external appearance of your house sets the tone, not just for the internal finishes but for prospective buyers if you ever plan to sell. First impressions are everything. This External Style Guide shows you what’s possible.

Building Methods

Even though blockwork remains the most popular way to build Irish homes, there are many building routes open to you as a self-builder. Thanks to advances in technology, there’s more than one way to build a house. This guide shows you what’s on the menu for building your walls.


There are electrical and mechanical components that make your home warm (usually in the form of central heating), cosy (heating, lighting) and healthy (regulating indoor air quality through ventilation and the building fabric). In this guide we are focusing on ventilation, heating, and on site electricity supply.

Insulation & Airtightness

Your airtightness and insulation strategy will depend on how you build your house, what your overall aim is for energy efficiency, and how you plan to ventilate it. You will then have to make choices based on cost versus performance versus eco credentials.


The kitchen is at the heart of the home and as such, deserves all the attention it can get. It will have to cater to family life, seamlessly work with the rest of the home, and perhaps most importantly, make daily chores as straightforward as they can be.

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