Modernising a semi-detached house

Jane Williams never dreamed she could tackle a major renovation project, until she came across an opportunity too good to pass up. With the help of her architect, quantity surveyor and builder, she managed to get exactly what she wanted, and within budget.

I got onto the property ladder in my twenties and bought a little end terrace which was the perfect first time buyer property. I loved it, but a few years later I realised I needed more space.”

“The house sold very quickly. So quickly I hadn’t had the time to find a replacement! Fortunately, a local estate agent showed me this property before it went to market, and I was immediately attracted to it because I grew up on this road, and I have family just a minute away.”

Debbie Orme

Written by Debbie Orme

Debbie is a freelance writer and editor, who writes about business, healthcare, property, maternity and the over 50s. She also ghost writes autobiographies.

Tendering a construction project

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