Timber frame energy efficient home in Kilkenny

Kieran and Anita McGrath are a typical example of how forward-thinking self-builders are, especially when it comes to making an energy efficient home. Not only did the couple achieve impressive eco credentials back in 2011, they drew up their house plans and project managed the build themselves.

In this article we look at:

  • Details of energy efficient design
  • Process of designing the house and having plans signed off on
  • Issues with securing planning permission in a rural area
  • Process of installing the timber frame kit that had been built off site
  • Open plan design and changes during the build
  • Choice of heating system and resulting energy bills
  • Airtightness testing
  • Drilling a well: process and tips
  • Self-builder experiences
  • Full supplier list & contact details
  • Full build specifications, including wall, floor, roof and glazing
  • Floor plans
  • 24 project photos
  • Self-builder tips and Q&A
  • Build cost calculator (Ireland only)

Build Overview & Costs

House size: 2,500 sqft with 300sqft garage
Bedrooms: 4
Plot size: 1 acre
Build cost: €270,000
Value: €450,000
Heating and hot water: Air to water heat pump
Ventilation: Heat recovery ventilation system
Build method: Timber frame


Written by Heather Campbell

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