Top tips for renovating an old cottage

A cottage renovation doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, as Ray O’Foghlu learned on his project in Co Clare.

Self-builder Ray O’Foghlu bought and renovated an old property in Co Clare. He shares what he learned along the way, including:

  • How to find an old property to buy – in his case a cottage renovation project
  • How to finance your renovation and extension project
  • How to tackle DIY and allocating time for the cottage renovation
  • Who to listen to for advice about your specific project (it’s not who you think!)
  • How to apply for planning permission yourself for your extension project
  • How to draw up your own renovation plans
  • Choosing technology and new materials
  • As a newcomer to an area, how to find out about local suppliers and trades
  • How to find out about, and get discounts


Written by Ray O'Foghlu

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