When children’s bedroom space is limited, it can be difficult to accommodate all of their belongings AND still leave room for them to entertain themselves but, with a few clever ideas, you can maximise both the space available and the fun that can be had!

Kids’ bedrooms are perfect for being divided into ‘zones’. Obviously the bed needs its own particular area, but there are plenty of styles available now that provide both sleeping space and an underbed play area, so this style of bed can be particularly useful if space is limited.

If your child’s bed does have a dedicated desk or empty space below it, why not turn this into a craft zone with art supplies and a table?

If floor space is limited, why not use the walls as a place of fun and learning? Wall art is perfect for keeping kids entertained? You can keep it simple by just painting one wall with chalkboard paint. This will allow your child to draw all over the walls with coloured chalk, which can be easily erased. Or why not use magnetic paint? Simply purchase a range of cheap and cheerful magnets so that your child can change the look and design of his or her room whenever they feel like it!

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An accent wall is also a great way of stimulating your child’s attention and keeping them entertained for hours. Kids learn from their surroundings, so why not turn one wall into a reading or educational wall with a mega-size picture?


Or what about a world map? Decorating an accent wall with a map will not only add colour to a room, but makes the space useful, educational and interactive. You can talk to your child about the different countries – marking off any that he or she has travelled to. With younger children you can buy stickers that can be moved around the map.


When it comes to interactive bedrooms, companies like Lego are already on the ball with ideas such as their ‘Lego wall’, which provides hours of fun for kids of all ages.

Once you’ve filled the walls with great ideas, it’s time to turn your attention to the floor. Kids, as we all know, love to use their imagination. Now, a new device called the Lumo, projects their imagination onto the floor! Lumo is a pico projector that shines animated scenes and games onto surfaces of around three square metres. Kids then use their feet to play virtual games such as Hungry Hungry Hippos and air hockey, or can tip-toe across the room on tiny projected rocks in a bubbling volcanic landscape. The scenes respond to jumping, kicking, stomping and hand waving. While Lumo comes with a set of games already installed, kids can also design their own by drawing castles or moats, so it’s the ultimate in interactivity. And what’s to stop mum or dad joining in?

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