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It’s important to take some time to plan your concrete job.

Here’s some advice on everything from the best cement mix ratio to figuring out what quantities you’ll need – and the best way to mix the concrete.

STEP 1 The simple rule of thumb for general purpose concrete is 1 – 2 – 3.

STEP 2 You can work out the quantities you need by measuring the length by the width by the depth. This applies to all jobs no matter how big or small.

STEP 3 For a small job that needs about 0.1 m3 of concrete, this can be mixed using a shovel.

STEP 4 For a bigger job like a path for a garden shed, that need roughly 1 m3 of concrete, a tumble mixer can be used.

STEP 5 If you calculate that your job needs more than 1m3 of concrete, for example a larger yard slab, then you could consider ordering readymix concrete.

STEP 6 Store bags off the ground and protect them from rain and moisture. Use the cement within 3 months of the packing date printed on the bag. And always use opened bags right away.

STEP 7 Water is the other vital ingredient in making concrete. Make sure you will have access to a ready supply of clean water and a suitable flat surface for mixing the concrete.

STEP 8 Remember, protect your work from rain or during hot weather to ensure the concrete sets correctly. Properly ‘curing’ the concrete like this will ensure better quality longer-lasting concrete. Depending on the conditions curing can take up to 7 days.

STEP 9 Always use Irish Cement safely when mixing concrete. Protect your eyes, skin and lungs. Safety information is printed on the bags and can be found on the Irish Cement website.

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