Heat pumps and MVHR: are they worth it?

Are renewables such as heat pumps, underfloor heating, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), worth it?

Heat pumps and MVHR in particular seem to be the must-have pieces of kits to install in your home. In this Instagram Live we explore whether they’re worth the investment and what benefits they bring.

Gavin Millar of BPC Ventilation chats through the pros and cons including:

  • What is mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) and is it worth the money? What are the benefits?
  • What are heat pumps and are they worth it? What’s the payback?
  • Why are heat pumps and MVHR more efficient than traditional systems? How much more do they cost?
  • How much more do they cost?
  • Should settings on ventilation systems be adjusted according to the outside temperature, e.g. summer, winter?
  • Which ventilation system is best for an ICF house?
  • Are MVHR units noisy?
  • Energy upgrades: the case of changing a 1950s house from oil heating to air to water, is that the best option?
  • Is it efficient to mix underfloor and radiator heating?
  • Can one heat pump be used for two buildings?

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Written by Astrid Madsen

Astrid Madsen is the editor of the SelfBuild magazine. Email astrid.madsen@selfbuild.ie

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