Modern methods of construction

MMC, or modern methods of construction, is a catch-all term to describe everything from innovative building solutions to cutting edge materials. Here’s a bird’s eye view.

In this article we cover:

  • Different types of MMC, from building methods like ICF and glulam to materials like graphite
  • How to use modern methods of construction in your self-build
  • The benefits of using MMC in your self-build
  • The future of modern methods of construction

Leslie O'Donnell

Written by Leslie O'Donnell

Les O’Donnell is a Chartered Architectural Technologist and structural engineer with over 30 years’ experience designing and supervising the construction of new builds. His practice, Landmark Designs, is based in Co Tyrone. All of the information contained in the guide is for information purposes only; professional guidance must be sought for your own specific project.


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