Home Insulation: Board or Beads?

Is it better to pump your new build cavity walls with EPS beads or add rigid board insulation? Find out how it’s done in Ireland.

In this article we cover:

  • What is cavity wall board insulation with pros and cons
  • What is EPS bead insulation with pros and cons
  • Typical build up of cavity board insulation on site
  • Typical installation for EPS bead insulation
  • Where to use board or bead insulation
  • How much does board insulation cost
  • How much does bead insulation cost

Jeff O Toole

Written by Jeff O Toole

Jeff O Toole BSC MNSc ACIOB founded Waterford based JOT Energy Consultants in 2010. JOTenergy.ie / tel. 051 874 675

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