Eco build on a shoestring

Xavier Dubuisson dispels the myth that an eco build is an expensive endeavour out of the reach of the average self-builder. He reviews a number of notable Irish projects where committed homeowners have realised their hopes of building sustainably on a very tight budget, and explores the issues they faced.

This article covers:

  • Reasons for going DIY with pros and cons
  • What is an eco build?
  • Eco build options in Ireland
  • Costs of eco building
  • The Irish cob house project with full costings
  • The Irish recycled house project with full costings
  • Top tips if you are planning a budget and eco friendly build


Written by Xavier Dubuisson

Xavier Dubuisson, MEng. MSc., is a Sustainable Design Consultant based in Co Cork.
XD Consulting,, mobile: 086 047 6124

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