Bungalow design evolution

Love them or hate them, Irish bungalows are now part of vernacular architecture, representing the first modern mass self-build movement.

In this article Marion McGarry covers:

  • How bungalow design has evolved since the 1970s
  • How bungalows met rural Ireland’s need for affordable housing
  • Overview of Jack Fitzsimons’ seminal book Bungalow Bliss
  • Bungalows as a blight on the landscape in the 1980s and 1990s
  • How bungalows cemented their place in vernacular architecture
  • Book review of Bungalow Bliss Bias (published 2019), a book by Jack’s son Kennas

Marion McGarry

Written by Marion McGarry

Dr Marion McGarry is an author, historian, part-time Mayo Galway Institute of Technology lecturer and freelance illustrator. She's on twitter @marion_mcgarry

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