Building with oak

In many countries and cultures, oak remains a symbol of strength and survival. In construction, green oak is especially regarded as being environmentally friendly as well as renowned for its beauty, durability, strength and longevity

When we refer to the use of oak as a material for building houses and extensions, we’re talking about structural timber. These building are ‘timberframed’ but not ‘timber frame’. Timber frame is a term that refers to light-weight prefabricated timber panels. A surprisingly large number of oak building companies exist across the UK and Ireland, but a relatively small percentage of these specialise in building houses, the remainder providing anything from orangeries and conservatories to stables, barns and garages.

Leslie O'Donnell

Written by Leslie O'Donnell

Les is an engineer and architectural designer who runs Landmark Designs, a CIAT registered practice in Co Tyrone.

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