Title: Aluminium Roofing and Rainwater goods

Speaker: Hugh Harkin, North West Aluminium

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Title: 20 Common Questions for Heating New Builds

Speaker: Keith Scully, Grant Engineering

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Title: Selfbuild House Tour 

Speaker: Enda Kenny, @Passive_Selfbuild_Mayo

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Title: Building Methods

Speaker: John Corless, Building Consultant

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Grant design and manufacture a range of highly efficient, innovative heating technologies including Grant Vortex condensing oil boilers, Grant Aerona3 R32 air to water air source heat pumps, Grant Solar Thermal panels and Grant pre-plumbed hot water cylinders. The company also offers homeowners a diverse range of heat emitters including Grant Uflex underfloor heating, Grant Afinia aluminium & Solo fan convector radiators. In addition to providing cost effective heating solutions which can help reduce carbon emissions, Grant also offer a free of charge bespoke home heating design service which can help ensure compliance on all heating requirements for new build homes.

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