Ep 16 – Insurance and warranties

Episode 16: It is a legal obligation for the homeowner (self-builder) to be on top of health and safety on site and there are procedures in place for you to prove that to the authorities. However, it is not mandatory to take out self-build insurance.

Insurance is in fact a safety net that will cover your costs in the event of a claim related to your build or renovation project. In other words, what insurance will do is protect you from the unforeseens and the many risks associated with construction activity, including trespassers getting injured and filing a claim against you.

In fact, most lenders will require that you take out an insurance policy if you have a mortgage with them.

Bernie Downey of the Kerr Group explains what type of insurance you need to get for your self-build and why taking out a structural warranty will help you keep on top of quality control.

In this episode we cover:

  • What is self-build insurance and what products does it include
  • What does self-build insurance protect you from
  • Structural defects warranty: how it helps you manage the project
  • The builder’s insurance versus the homeowner’s
  • What drives up the cost of self-build insurance
  • Difference between self-build insurance and home insurance

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