Orientation: putting your house where it belongs

Orientation is about where to position your house, how to angle it and how to make best use of the site you have.

Your architectural designer will help you decide the orientation of your home – that is, where to position it and how to angle it on your site. This will be done in relation to the sun, as well as the views, but there are even more fundamental issues to consider.

In this article, Art McCormack FRIAI of Mosart covers:

  • Optimal site size and width
  • Optimal site conditions, i.e. access, topography, etc.
  • How to make the house energy efficient: house size and location on the site
  • Optimising views and issues with cut and fill
  • How to make the most of the views and sunlight
  • Which way the rooms should face
  • Working with the Passive House Planning Package (PHPP)
  • Whether to buy a site with planning permission or not
  • How to use trees and shrubs and what species to plant on your site
  • How much lawn to include, layout suggestions

Art McCormack

Written by Art McCormack

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