2021 step by step wastewater guide

Both NI and ROI have requirements in place to protect our environment, specifically water quality and human health. Cathal Keane of Graf outlines how to comply.

How do I get a wastewater system installed in NI?

To get an onsite wastewater treatment system installed in NI, the process is straightforward in that you just need a Consent to Discharge from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

The system you choose must meet the requirements as set out in the licence, i.e. the water that is discharged must be certified to have been cleaned to a very high level.

How do I comply with the ROI Code?

In ROI, you need to follow the procedures set out in the 2021 Environmental Protection Agency’s Code of Practice for Domestic Waste Water Treatment Systems (Population Equivalent ≤ 10).

If you cannot connect to a sewerage system, you must submit a site characterisation report with your planning application. This report must be compiled in line with the EPA’s Code of Practice.

What is a site characterisation report?


Written by Cathal Keane

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