Why DIY self-builds are experiencing a revival

In light of the cost of living crisis, the self-build path to homeownership is experiencing a revival. But there are many obstacles self-builders face when they want to go DIY. Here, Harrison Gardner and Erin McClure explain how to overcome them.

In this article, Harrison and Erin cover:

  • Benefits of self-building over buying an existing house
  • Why and how a self-build will save you money
  • Why the current model of house buying is not working
  • What the self-build revival looks like in Ireland today
  • The need to rethink our choice of materials and practices
  • How to work with regulatory pressures from Building Control and product certification
  • How to make a DIY self-build work for you
  • Buy a tiny home or make your own

Harrison Gardner

Written by Harrison Gardner

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