Ep57 – Dublin new build on laneway site

Laura and Ronan Campbell built themselves a house on Ronan’s parents’ laneway. Here they chat about:

  • Difficulties with planning permission and why they had to leave a deposit with the local authority for three years.
  • How they made a narrow site work with their design vision.
  • Choice of steel frame construction and challenges building the house.
  • Delays (due to windows and Covid) and how they affected the build.
  • Choosing finishes that look the part and saved money.
  • How much DIY they did and their top tips for others considering building a laneway house.
  • Budget considerations and how they kept a lid on costs.
  • Main headaches and what they would do differently.

Read more about their project on https://selfbuild.ie/project/dublin-laneway-house/

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Written by trishmadden

laneway in Dublin

Dublin laneway house

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