Ep49 – Where to start with your self-build

This podcast is the first in a series of talks for mica affected homeowners. Mica is a naturally occurring material that has been the cause of thousands of homes crumbling; a redress scheme is being devised through the ROI government to rebuild affected homes.

The topic for this first instalment is what to expect from the process of building your home, relevant to all those new to the area of self-building.

We look at the process of building a new house from start to finish, flash points (from the importance of good design beyond obtaining planning permission to health and safety) and how to avoid costly mistakes.
Michael Doherty of the Mica Action Group gives us an update as to where the mica process is at, and the profile of affected homes.
Then John Corless discusses:
·         Starting the self-build journey
·         Building on past experience
·         Where to start
·         Current house building legislation
·         House types
·         House design considerations
·         Who will build it?
·         Professional Services
·         How much will it all cost?
·         Where SelfBuild can help

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Written by Astrid Madsen

Astrid Madsen is the editor of the SelfBuild magazine. Email astrid.madsen@selfbuild.ie

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