Period holiday home in Co Donegal

This historical lookout for seafaring smugglers was renovated to meet the demands of a holiday home and retain period features.

In this article we cover:

  • History of the property and working with an architect
  • Inspiration and what they wanted from the renovation
  • Extension design and alterations to the existing building
  • Making sure the watchtower would look as it had before
  • Going through the planning process: from rejection to approval
  • Going to tender and how they found their builder
  • How the build was managed and what the day to day was like on site
  • How the changes are working out for them
  • Choosing local suppliers
  • Floor plans and timeline
  • Full specification and supplier list
  • Professional photographs


Plot size: 0.21 acres
House size before: 120 sqm
House size after: 170 sqm
Heat and hot water: oil fired boiler 
Ventilation: natural and upstairs mechanical heat recovery
Extension build method: steel and timber framed 


Written by Heather Campbell

ICF on site: External finishes

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