Concrete: Built to be modern –

As well as its strength, durability, fire resistance and thermal mass, another benefit of concrete is its flexibility.

Older buildings can be transformed into modern designs with new architectural features. Here, an old shop is now part of a contemporary family home.

The adaptability of concrete buildings mean that they can be easily converted and changed to accommodate any design. Structures can often be stripped back to their concrete core then rebuilt to new contemporary designs and specifications.

Using concrete’s adaptability this old masonry building has been effectively transformed. The extension which is a combination of in situ concrete and blockwork has been built to the side and the rear of the existing building and connects the house to a generous hidden garden.

With innovative design, complemented with the use of versatile materials, buildings like this seamlessly combine the old and the new, the past and the present, to meet the needs of the future and also with the minimum use of resources.

But while concretes structural benefits are self-evident it has now become an architectural design product in its own right. An interior design element that goes far beyond practical and into an aesthetic choice, producing a modern vision for a so-called traditional material.

Its versatility means it can be formed into any shape, like these vaulted ceilings for instance. There are so many concrete architectural features in this house including fair faced columns, soffits and beams, even the counter tops are concrete.

The concrete theme continues back into the garden with a board marked concrete shed, planter boxes, barbeque and an in situ concrete table.

In Ireland, concrete has been used as a local building material for generations, it is tried and trusted, delivering homes that are fire-safe, energy efficient, comfortable and are truly built to last.

With more inspired design, concrete is now being used to produce modern finishes, furniture and accessories showing its versatility.

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