Concrete: Built to be comfortable –

There’s one thing you need to consider in relation to comfort and it’s structure. We’ve all had the noisy neighbour. Floors, walls and even your stairs contribute to transferring noise around your home.

Concrete slabs and internal walls have really high levels of sound insulation. In fact, concrete has the highest sound dampening properties of any construction material. Concrete walls greatly reduce sound transfer within your home.

A concrete floor slab between levels offers superior sound resistance, it almost eliminates sound transfer all together. Concrete can also be used to make the stairs, providing further tranquility and comfort.

Did you know concrete can store and release heat due to its thermal mass? This means that it can moderate internal temperatures within your home. It stores heat during the day and releases it at night.

These walls are like a giant thermal storage heater contributing to a much more comfortable living environment. When it comes to heating, underfloor systems installed in concrete floors disperse the heat evenly and quickly around the whole room.

With no bulky radiators or hot spots near the heat source, underfloor heating warms quickly and conserves the heat longer.

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