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When you live in an ‘old’ house you have to, usually, accept that certain parts of it will not perform as well as in a new one. Happily, it’s possible to overcome some of these and preventing condensation and mould must be high on anyone’s list. Partel Passive Building Supplies are specialists in controlled domestic ventilation with both new and existing buildings. They offer the Lunos range of products which allow you a choice of ventilation with heat recovery, (up to 90% with their ceramic heat exchanger), or ventilation to reduce humidity, or a combination of these.

Of special interest to those renovating or upgrading an existing building is the award winning E² (with heat recovery), which can be retrofitted. If you already have a Lunos system, the E² can be inserted through the outlets/passages of the types ALD-R160 or ALD-R160 L. The E² is so flexible it can even be used in very small areas such as a two roomed extension or apartment when working as a paired system; clean air is drawn into one room and still air extracted from the other. If you read our article on ventilation, you will note that noise is an important factor. The Lunos fans have a total of 16 dB (A) in level 1, 19.5 dB (A) at level 2 and 26 dB (A) at level 3 (each 17, 32 or resp. 38m3/h volume throughput), so the fans are well below the required values of DIN for living and sleeping rooms. (As a comparison, a 3dB decrease stands for 50% less sound intensity). The system received the Plus X award for Product of the Year 2012, recognising it as innovative technology that is viable for the future and has further added values. One of the difficulties with an older property is the need to increase insulation but not at the expense of ventilation. A system such as this could be the answer you have been looking for so contact Partel Passive Building Supplies, BBEC, Ballybane, Galway tel. 0818 333 355 Mobile: 087 905 1920

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Written by Astrid Madsen

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