What are the kitchen trends for 2024?

ASK THE EXPERT: Find out what the kitchen trends are for 2024 and which ones will stand the test of time.

Q: I’m excited to get started on my kitchen design and I’m wondering what the kitchen trends are for 2024?

kitchen trends 2024

Jonny says: From the point of view of colour we’re seeing a move away from the blues and greens, shifting towards more earthy, muted colours such as cream and beige, complemented by antique brass for taps and handles.

That’s being matched up with stained wood – oak is very popular these days, stained in grey or dark brown. We’re seeing this look mixed with painted cabinetry in earthy shades.

In traditional kitchens we find heavy moulded doors are replacing the flat shaker style. For modern kitchens shaker doors still dominate but tend to be adorned with a small detail around them, built as an in frame. Inside the units, the trend is for darker colours matched with stained dovetail drawers.

Modern LED lighting has come a long way since the days of big dots on thick strips. They’re much thinner and classier now and we’re seeing them used in corner cupboards or in the middle of a unit, lighting up as you open the door.

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Jonny Orr
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