Ultimate guide to timber flooring

Timber flooring is beautiful and cost effective. Find out how to choose the perfect wood, how to install it and how to combine it with underfloor heating.

In this article about timber flooring, we cover:

  • How much timber flooring costs, for both materials and installation
  • What sustainable timber really means
  • The difference between engineered and hardwood floors
  • What engineered wood floors are made of
  • Why oak floors remain the most popular
  • Designing the layout
  • Differences between plank, herringbone parquet and chevron
  • How to install floorboards: bonding versus floating method with underlay
  • Tongue and groove systems
  • Preparing the floor for underfloor heating
  • Checking for moisture content
  • Maintenance and how to keep your wooden floors looking new
  • Sanding, sealing and restoring existing floors
  • Tinting and sealing wooden floors: lacquer vs oil finish

Peter Bonsall

Written by Peter Bonsall

Peter is an engineer working in the timber and renewable energy sectors.

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