Construction waste: skip it or bring it to landfill?

Building or extending a house generates a lot of waste, in the form of solids, liquids or sludges, all of which will cost money to dispose of. The first step therefore is to design waste out of your construction drawings, writes structural engineer and architectural designer Les O’Donnell.

Whose job is it to dispose of the waste your house construction creates on site? The polluter pays principle applies, i.e. it is ultimately your responsibility.

 This usually means segregating between what can be reused on site, what can be recycled off site and what needs to go to landfill. Organise the waste destined for landfill or the recycling facility so that it can be placed in the relevant containers.  

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Written by Leslie O'Donnell

Les is an engineer and architectural designer who runs Landmark Designs, a CIAT registered practice in Co Tyrone.

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