Heating and hot water systems: boilers

A boiler is a device that heats water for space heating and hot water. The most common fuel for a boiler is natural gas. But diesel oil, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), electricity, biomass, heat from the air or the ground, and even logs or coal can be used as fuels.

This article covers:

  • Finding a registered installer and regulatory requirements when installing a boiler
  • Grants available for boiler upgrades
  • Pros and cons of heat pumps
  • Pros and cons of condensing boilers
  • Pros and cons of combi boilers
  • Wood burning stoves and furnaces
  • Traditional boilers
  • Pros and cons of the lesser known electric boilers
  • How to upgrade an existing boiler and top maintenance tips

Andrew Stanway

Written by Andrew Stanway

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