Concrete chic on a budget

Concrete chic is popular among interior designers but, being rough around the edges, how can you achieve the look without it seeming like the house isn’t quite finished?

In this article, industrial furniture maker Coralie Verheyden walks us through living without skirting boards or architraves, including:

  • How to achieve the concrete chic look
  • What colours to use and what textures
  • How much it costs to choose this interiors style: savings in second fix vs investing in statement pieces
  • How to get started in your home: step by step guide
  • How to get the look in all areas of the home, from kitchen to bedroom
  • Main pitfalls and how to work the look within any type of house design
  • Photographs for inspiration

Coralie Verheyden

Written by Coralie Verheyden

Coralie is an interior designer, furniture maker and salvager.

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