Exterior Finishes: Charred Timber

Shou Sugi Ban, or charred timber, can provide a contemporary finish to your self-build both inside and out.

Also known as Yakisugi, Shou Sugi Ban is a term used to describe the ancient Japanese art of charring timber with fire. The United States, Australia, New Zealand, and many countries throughout Europe have seen a massive uptake in recent years. And it’s getting noticed in Ireland now too. Charred timber is mostly used outdoors but people are increasingly toasting up their furniture, doors, feature walls, signage, bars etc. It can make a real statement inside or out, which makes it appealing to designers and architects.

Sasha Stewart

Written by Sasha Stewart

Sasha set up Toasted Wood to bring the art of Shou Sugi Ban, or charred timber, to Ireland. She's based in Co Armagh. toastedwood.co.uk

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