Ceramic Houses 

An energy efficient, quick and cost effective method to build your home.

The Ceramic Houses are made of ceramic lightweight concrete wall panels, which include proprietary silicate materials that are naturally fire proof (A1 fire rating) and provide excellent acoustic properties (45dB).   

     The wall panels, along with the roof structure, are made off site. All of the holes for electrics and plumbing, including ventilation ducting, are predrilled in the structure, as instructed on the construction drawings, before they arrive on site. 

     You can get the house built from a selection of house plans that the company provides, or supply your own drawings.  

     You can also either choose a shell only (internal and external walls, upper storey floor and roof) package or a turnkey option which includes the kitchen, windows, roof coverings and internal and external finishes. In the case of a shell only package, know that the manufacturer works to a 5-7mm tolerance, so there is no worry that the windows and doors won’t fit. 

Quick and cost effective 

Once the raft foundation is in place, Ceramic Houses will need two to four days to erect the walls. You will need a crane on site for the duration to lift the walls in place and then lift the roof trusses.  

     For a shell only build, the self-builder can start on the first fix electric and plumbing straight away, while the external insulation and roof finish is getting done by Ceramic Houses.  

     The walls are then plastered with breathable plaster on the inside and acrylic render on the outside; for the shell only option this is the responsibility of the self-builder to arrange. It is in fact quick to finish the walls internally as they can be directly painted or lightly skimmed.  

      For the turnkey option, Ceramic Houses will finish the house in two to three months depending on the specification. Prices for the shell only option start at €296/sqm. 

The walls are naturally energy efficient (U-value 0.2W/sqmK for 280mm wall, 0.14 W/sqmK for 340mm wall) and vapour permeable (µ = 23.4).


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Written by Astrid Madsen

Astrid Madsen is the editor of the SelfBuild magazine. Email astrid.madsen@selfbuild.ie

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