The Garden Design Process Unraveled – The Garden Design Shop

Michael O’Reilly from The Garden Design Shop demystifies the Garden Design and Build process, making is easy for you to understand how to make the most of the hard and soft landscaping in your new home.

In this video, Michael covers:

  • How to work with a garden designer
  • How to significantly increase your property’s value with examples
  • Step by step guide to the garden design process
  • Inspiration and tips to create new spaces
  • Layered designs and low maintenance needs
  • How to create a sustainable garden
  • How to work with any size footprint, from a small ‘coffee garden’ to the no-mow lawns on larger sites
  • Garden design trends and inspirational Irish garden projects

First aired at Selfbuild Virtual Event January 2021

Michael’s overview of the garden design process as taken from his presentation:

garden design process video

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Written by Selfbuild Live

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