Co Meath direct labour new build

When Tanya Fitzpatrick was given land on the family farm, she and her husband Alan jumped at the opportunity to build their forever home. 

In this article, Tanya explains how she went about her direct labour new build:

  • Outside-In design inspired by Australian homes, including a covered outdoor area
  • Working with her architect on design ideas and getting planning permission
  • Planning permission process and how she tackled requests for further information
  • Her reasons for hiring trades herself instead of hiring a builder
  • Direct labour new build top tips including how to keep to the budget
  • How family members helped throughout the process
  • The build schedule from start to finish
  • Design changes to suit the budget
  • Shadow gap details
  • How to use furniture placement to help with the design
  • Tackling the interior design after the house has been built


Plot size: 3 acres 
House size: 3,100 sqft excl void space, garage and outdoor roofed areas 
Bedrooms: 4  
Heating and hot water: air to water heat pump 
Ventilation: central mechanised extract (demand controlled)
Construction: blockwork (cavity wall) 


Written by Myles McCAnn

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