Island self-builds

For those looking to take self-isolation to a new level, know that it is possible to buy an entire island off the coast of Ireland.

Currently on the market is the 62 acre West Calf Island, West Cork, price undisclosed.

The island is home to several derelict farmhouses and outbuildings which would provide a good basis for a planning application to upgrade or rebuild them.

There are no utility connections but the island had historically been lived on, suggesting the presence of a fresh water well. 

Tourism facilities may be favoured by the planners so the listing on suggests: “There is a fresh water lake traditionally used for livestock on the Island so perhaps Alpacas might add the necessary spice.”  

Recently taken off the same website was 157 acre Horse Island, West Cork, which had a thriving copper industry in the 19th Century.

The island now boasts a 4,500 sqft two storey stone residence, an entire village with six houses, a tennis court, gym and a helipad. Plus farm facilities. Three diesel generators and an aquifer supply the services. The asking price was $7.5 million.  

Also currently available is 30 acre Shore Island for just shy of one million dollars; it is on the Shannon Estuary and has the shell of and old house with fresh water piped to the island. 

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Written by Astrid Madsen

Astrid Madsen is the editor of the SelfBuild magazine. Email

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