Building control regulations for self-builders: full details published

Builders work to finish the new 6 bedroom house in Tewkesbury which is been being built to accomodate a super sized family. See SWNS story SWHOME; A jobless mum of 11 is celebrating after her local council agreed to build her a brand new six bedroom home to accommodate her massive brood. Heather Frost, 36, currently lives in two separate houses knocked into one, which she describes as a "nightmare" because it is so cramped. So after years of complaining her local council has arranged for a 1,850 sq ft mansion to be built for her as part of a new housing development. The two-storey eco home has three bathrooms, two lounges and a colossal 355 sq ft kitchen and dining area.

If you’re self-building your home in ROI, you may wish to know that the new building control regulations have been relaxed starting the 1st of September 2015. As we’ve covered previously you will now have the choice to opt out of statutory certification – but you will have to show by ‘alternative means’ that you have met your obligations ( i.e. prove that you’re building to current standards).

The new ROI building control legislation for self-builders to ‘opt out’ of certain requirements has been published along with homeowner guidelines. To view these click on the two links below:

1. New building regulations, homeowner guidelines

2. Opt out application

Published 2nd September 2015

Updated July 2018

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Written by Astrid Madsen

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