Ep 6 – NZEB: New building regulations’ impact on your self-build

Episode 6: The building regulations for ventilation (part F) and energy efficiency (Part L) are coming into force on the 1st November 2019 in the Republic of Ireland; we chat with Mark Shirley of 2eva.ie to find out what it all means for your self-build in terms of heating systems, ventilation strategies, major renovations and added costs.

IMPORTANT INFO: In the podcast Mark and Astrid chat about the new requirement in Part L that states all “Major Renovation” projects must upgrade the home to a building energy rating of B2.

At the time of recording, it was widely understood that this requirement would apply to most extension projects; however the Department of Housing has since clarified that extensions are unlikely to trigger the requirement to upgrade the entire home to a B2.

For more detailed information about the requirements for Major Renovations, check out this exclusive extract from the Winter 2019 edition of Selfbuild magazine

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