Where to live while you build

Whether you’re building a totally new house or doing a substantial makeover you may need to think very carefully about how and where you live while it’s all happening.

Building a house from scratch or doing massive alterations to your existing home can be both exciting and terrifying at the same time. But unlike other major life projects it can also be exceptionally disruptive to your personal and family life. Unless you’re doing a seriously large renovation or extension to your home you’ll probably want or have to stay living in it while you build. You could also stay put if building your new house in your garden or on your land.

However, if you’re building an entirely new home in a new location there are accommodation issues to consider. And given that you could be working on your new build for two years, where and how you live could materially affect your finances for the whole project. As many people doing a self-build are watching the cash, this can become a serious issue.

There are three major options: stay living at home, rent somewhere close to the site or live in a temporary structure. 

Andrew Stanway

Written by Andrew Stanway

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