Top 5 Feng Shui Tips

1. Keep entrances clear particularly around doors and hallways. Clutter gathered around entry points can prevent the flow of feng shui energy, which is called chi. Disorder of any kind isn’t recommended as, in feng shui, the energy will stagnate if the mess accumulates. 2. Take off your outdoor shoes upon entering the house. It is not good to traipse dirty energy through your sanctuary. 3. Healthy plants and happy pets bring vibrant chi into the home.  4. Ventilate and brighten, in other words encourage good quality air to circulate and let lots of light into your house. These two elements are essential for good chi. Open bedroom windows first thing in the morning to allow moisture to escape (taking care not to leave ground floor rooms unattended for security reasons). And once you’ve exhausted all possible avenues to let in natural light, consider using full-spectrum lighting to further brighten up a space. 5. Bedroom no-nos include wind chimes, water features, plants and mirrors. Chimes disturb rest and relaxation, plants deplete the oxygen levels at night, and water features will encourage burglars. Mirrors should not be seen in bedrooms as they steal energy, disturb sleep, and you will wake up exhausted. Instead mount a full-length mirror on the inside of a wardrobe door.


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Written by Astrid Madsen

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