Step by step guide to window design and installation

In this windows step by step guide, find out when and how to order your windows and what to expect at the end. 

In this article, we cover the stages of choosing and installing your windows including:

  • Design and shop around: when to start choosing the windows and how, where to find the best value to money windows
  • Get quotations: what’s involved in getting a quotation and what the cost elements are, what’s included and what the process is, how to compare quotes and what to check for
  • Place the order: how it works
  • Delivery: what to expect and when, how to take receipt of the windows
  • Fitting: what to expect from the process and watchpoints
  • Sign off: process of testing the installation and final payment
  • Protection during the build: How to shield your windows from builders and machinery
  • Maintenance: How to keep your windows looking like new


Written by Myles McCAnn

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