How much does polished concrete cost in Ireland?

It’s always a good idea to get at least three quotations, especially for an expensive finish like polished concrete – here we look at how much it costs in Ireland today.

In this article we cover:

  • Quotes for polished concrete
  • Averages per square meter
  • What the cost components are
  • What to consider when comparing quotes

I’ve gotten two quotes of €20k for polished concrete, 190sqm, new build, is that average?

Keith says: Sounds reasonable, but do your research.

To start with, as many will know from the various articles on cost I have written for the magazine over the years, I do not accept that the term average costs really exists in our industry. Average costs apply to similar works, similar specifications, for work carried out in similar conditions and of similar complexity.

In the world of self-building, average simply does not exist. Every house is unique in that it has its own unique design, on its own unique site, with its own unique conditions, location, restrictions, floor layout, steps, divide, angles and the likes.

polished concrete costs ireland

It is therefore a necessity that you estimate and budget your costs based on a reasonable assessment of your own specific property instead of average costing models. To do otherwise will most likely cause an issue at some stage in the process when the true costs of the works stretch budgets to the maximum.

In respect to polished concrete floors generally, every supplier and specialist in this area generally charge different rates and have different specifications. In general, the market has various types of finish which largely relate to the extent of grinding and finish that is applied to the concrete surface.

In addition, the grade of concrete and amount and size of aggregate are important factors and also the addition or otherwise of colour. The size of the area involved and the location of the site relative to the specialist’s location are also factors.

polished concrete costs ireland
Polished concrete floor with expansion joint

Many companies use different terms to describe the different specifications from standard to gold to platinum, to grade one, grade two and grade three, etc. The cost of polished concrete generally starts at a minimum of €55/60 per sqm based on areas greater than 100sqm for the standard finishes and costs will increase through various specifications to over €120/130 per sqm for the higher end finishes.

The cost will generally increase for smaller quantities with most properties of less than 100sqm achieving rates of over €120/sqm. In respect to locations, it is often the case that rural or out of Dublin costs will be circa €20-30/sqm higher than in city locations as specialists add for things like travelling.

On that basis of the above, I would believe that a cost of €20,000 for a 190sqm or €105/sqm would be a reasonable cost for a mid range finish on a property of that size in a city location. I would expect the figure to increase in rural or isolated areas.

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