Attic stairs inspiration

Are you looking for inspiration for your new set of attic stairs? We’ve all your options, from traditional folding ones to telescopic.

In this article we cover:

  • What your options are if you plan to install attic stairs
  • How much attic stairs cost
  • What to consider when buying
  • Photographs for each type

When choosing attic stairs you need to consider how much room you have available, how often you’re going to access the attic, the aesthetic appeal, and your budget.

For the most common types— traditional folding, telescopic, and scissor attic stairs, you can expect to spend from £120/€150 to £650/€750 depending on the style you select.

The costliest options are permanent fixtures, such as space saving and spiral stairs, from £350/€400 to £1,600/€2,000. Remember, all of these prices are for the stairs alone; labour costs need to be factored in after that (installation and plasterwork/ finishing).

Many of these systems are fold and unfold, so acquaint yourself with how they work to avoid catching fingers. Because you’ll generally be carrying something, either putting something away or taking something down, it’s worth investing in a robust loft ladder system that will feel safe and secure.

Note too that they are unlikely to have guardrails and can be steeper than regulation stairs, so ensure they are suitable for who’s going to be using them. With young children around, the foldaway system needs to be inaccessible to them.

Because a hole to the attic can lead to heat loss, another important consideration is draughts. To reduce energy consumption, it’s worth investing in an airtight, insulated solution.

Telescoping Attic Stairs

If you’re short on space, telescoping attic starts are a smart solution. They extend and retract smoothly, much as with the ladders, requiring minimal clearance in your attic. Ideal for modern homes with limited overhead space.

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Traditional Folding Loft Stairs

Traditional folding attic stairs are a timeless choice. They fold neatly into your ceiling when not in use, making them a space saving option. They are often made of wood but can be metal, and usually fold into two or three sections.

Scissor Stairs

Scissor attic stairs unfold in a scissor-like fashion, providing sturdy support as you ascend. These stairs are often made of lightweight materials like aluminium, making them easy to manoeuvre. Be careful when folding and unfolding.

attic stairs inspiration

Fixed Loft Stairs

attic stairs inspiration

Loft ladders are a minimalist’s dream. These compact and lightweight ladders are easy to install and don’t take up much room when fixed. It’s the most affordable option, ranging from £50/€60 to £200/€250.

Electric Attic Stairs

For the ultimate convenience, consider electric attic stairs. With a push of a button, they gracefully lower and rise, ensuring effortless access to your attic. A perfect choice for those who want to avoid heavy lifting. Starting at approximately £400/€500 up to £1,200/€1,500.

attic stairs inspiration

Space Saving Stairs

If you plan on using your attic frequently, space saving stairs are a must. These stairs are designed to fit into tight spaces and offer a comfortable ascent. Perfect for converting your attic into a living space. Note that permanent stairs are likely to fall under building regulations. In that case the stairs will need to comply with requirements such as maximum height of steps and guardrails.

Spiral Attic Stairs

An excellent choice for those seeking both aesthetic appeal and space optimisation. Their compact design makes them ideal for tight spaces that need a permanent staircase, while their elegant spiral shape adds a touch of sophistication. They don’t tend to be the most user friendly, however, so not usually recommended for those with reduced mobility or children.

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