Harrison Gardner

Company Profile: Harrison runs workshops teaching the Fundamentals of Building dedicated to teaching owner builders the basics of how structures work. His primary course is called How to Build Everything out of Anything. All our courses and course details can be found at www.harrisongardner.net

Seminar Title: Self Building: What You Need to Know

Seminar Description: Harrison will be talking with you about the ways you can upskill and educate yourself efficiently to gain the skills you will need to be the one building your own home.

Speaker Profile: Harrison Gardner is an Australian eco-builder and sustainability designer based in the West of Ireland. He has 11 years broad-range experience designing and managing the construction of conventional and passive buildings throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, Canada and South America. His current focus is in constructing community spaces whilst teaching and sharing core construction principals and techniques, with an aim to build more efficient, sustainable structures.

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