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Home Grown Plot [Video]

When you’ve put down roots and raised a family it’s very hard to leave after 40 years, especially if you built the house yourself. But life moves on, the house is now too big and not ideal for retirement living, it’s time to think about where to go next. Ronnie and Denise Slater’s situation is […]

Tall Order [Video]

In today’s market, buying an existing house can often cost less than building your own. But for those whose requirements are very specific, as were Brigid and Pat Coyle’s, a self-build is often the only way to get everything you need, and want, at a reasonable price… Read the full article here.

Family Value [Video]

Estate agents are right when they say location is everything. Even in the 21st century we still don’t stray far from our childhood homes when the time comes to put down roots. There is a problem though, how do you find a house you can afford? The answer for Hannah and David was to call […]