Snag lists and retention if main contractor

Once the builders and tradesmen have packed up their tools and waved goodbye, it’s time to check for any snags, i.e. the little things that need correcting. Any major issues should have been dealt with at the time they arose on site. Snags are by their nature small and often cosmetic issues.   

If you hired a main contractor, your contract will have a clause about snag lists, detailing how they are to be identified and fixed. The process usually involves your certifier making up a checklist for the builder to correctYou can hire someone who specialises in snag lists; they are usually brought on board to help you during the house hunting stage, to identify any defects prior to purchase.

Snag lists do not identify structural problems as these are usually hidden from view. It is rare to check for things like mica or pyrite as they would require invasive methods and expensive testing 

Some contracts also have what’s known as a retention, which holds back an amount of money from the builder, for usually six months, to make sure no defects appear within that timeframe 

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