Simon Dunne

Company Profile: Ampack is one of the leading providers of solutions for sealing building envelopes against steam, air, wind, water, noise and emissions in Central Europe today. High-quality and durable products and over 70 years of experience make Ampack a constant in the industry.

Seminar Title: Ampack Air Tightness and Vapour Control

Seminar Description:This presentation explains the fundamentals of air tightness and vapour control from new builds renovation projects, to specifying on blueprints. We will be answering all your Air Tightness questions and sharing our experience and knowledge with you.

Speaker Profile: I have previously graduated with a Hons degree in Wood Science & Technology from University of Limerick from there I had a keen interest in timber frame construction and low energy construction sector. I have developed my experience from working in the construction industry from North America, Australia and Ireland. Learning building codes, regulations, and building practices along the way. Since then I’ve had a keen interest in Low energy construction and products that assist it. With Ampack we help provide the correct application, personal consulting and sales support, competent, face to face, comprehensive, reliable service.

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