Jonathan Ballantine

Company Profile: UK and Ireland Distributor of IntegraSpec ICF. We supply one of the most advanced Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) currently available to build super energy efficient buildings. we have been building with ICF since 2004.We also ply and fit Thermal Bead Screed to our local market.

Seminar Title: Building With Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF’s)

Seminar Description: a short introduction to our company and then a brief outline of the history of ICF construction before having a more in depth look at ICF and why you should build with this way. We will look at IntegraSpec and its product range along with some tyticipal details and finally have a look at some recent projects for inspiration.

Speaker Profile: An engineering graduate who formerly worked in the aircraft industry before joining the family Quarrying business in 1999. Having learned of ICF construction in 1992 an opportunity arose to travel to Atlanta in 2000 to attend the INHB show to research ICF further. In 2004 we completed our first ICF build and have been developing the market for ICF construction every since. Jonathan has gain considerable experience of ICF builds over the last 16+years.

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