John Quinn

Company Profile: Photonomi Group is a world leading nanoscience and semiconductor intellectual property (IP) ecosystem in FEW Science Technologies, (Food, Energy & Water). Our company’s develop breakthrough technology applications to help solve future FEW resource and sustainability challenges. Headquartered in Jersey in the Channel Islands, Photonomi has offices around the world, including the mudP1E labs in Ireland, Uk and Germany. We operate with a strong social responsibility mandate in our investments. Our social objectives and our commercial objectives are equally as important.

Seminar Title: The challenges of delivering nZEB into a retrofit project.

Seminar Description: As we move to carbon free living by 2050, we are left with a significant legacy of existing buildings which will need to achieve an nZEB standards at some point. There are many ways that this can be achieved but some of the best ways are not obvious. We will look at Earth House, Ireland’s And Europe’s best energy rated home, converted from an concrete block E1 rated home to a super nZEB – A1 rated home without even touching the windows, walls or doors.

Speaker Profile: John is an Electronic Engineering and Applied Finance graduate, and a serial entrepreneur in disruptive technology start ups having founded and had significant leadership roles in over 10 Blue Chip start ups over the last 25 years. He has been recognized by the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2002, the UK Business Innovation Awards in 2011, several International Innovation Awards in Semiconductor and Nanotechnology from 2003 to 2011 and shortlisted for five International “Innovation of the Year” awards in 2014/2015. In the early 90’s, he established world semiconductor nanotech benchmarks for the fabrication of CD-ROM, DVD & Blu-Ray & was technology lead for the conversion of Microsoft from floppy disc to CD-ROM for the release of Windows 95.

He worked for lengthy periods abroad, including Germany, the Far East, and the United States. With past Senior Leadership roles in some of the most successful semiconductor companies such as British Telecom, Hitachi-Maxell Europe, PIONEER Japan, JVC Europe, KAO Corp Japan, Oerlikon GmbH, Unaxis USA, he brings substantial strategic Technology and Innovation Executive Leadership to the Photonomi Group. He also sits on numerous policy, technical and governmental boards on Business & Innovation and is a regular guest speaker on Entrepreneurship.

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