Edel Regan

Company Profile: Edel Regan Architects is a design led practice which can increase the value of your land or project through innovative design,planning and construction.Edel Regan Architects bring design flair whether the project is commercial or residential.

Seminar Title: Finding a plot and seeking planning permission

Seminar Description: If you have a rural site or are involved in the selection of a particular site, the choices you make about the site and the design on the site can make all the difference to the success of your planning application and the completed house .Feel free to discuss.

Speaker Profile: Edel Regan Architect M.R.I.A.I. is a Senior Design Architect who has over 25 years’ experience and is an Award-winning Architect on several projects, such as Mixed-Use Development’s and has also has produced Master planning projects in the U.S. Edel has received 1st class honors Architectural degree from Trinity College Dublin in Architecture with a B.Arch. Honours degree and is a memeber became a member of the R.I.A.I. She is now a fellow of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland. (F.R.I.A.I.) Edel founded her own practice in Cork in 2001 and has worked with some of the major multinationals – Pfizer etc. She describes herself as a highly Conceptual Design Architect, who has run an extremely successful firm and is a stickler for detail in design.

John Corless