Andrew Butler

Company Profile: KORE Insulation is a manufacturer of high quality Expanded Polystyrene insulation solutions for the Irish and UK markets. In operation for over 20 years, KORE provides a range of EPS solutions to insulate towards a whole-home, fabric first approach. KORE EPS is a cost-optimal material that easily meets and exceeds Part L 2019 and nZEB requirements. KORE’s Retrofit department offers a range of insulation grants and incentives for homeowners looking to upgrade energy efficiency measures in existing properties, enabling us to be a one-stop shop for deep retrofit and low energy building projects.

Seminar Title: Meeting & Exceeding Building Regulations Utilising Easier Construction Methods: A Cost-Optimal & Fabric First Approach

Seminar Description: KORE’s Technical Business Development Manager, Andrew Butler, will explore construction methods that reduce cost while still offering high performance to meet and exceeds today’s building regulations (Part L 2019). Utilising a fabric-first approach, this presentation will cover insulation methods for the most common building elements, including the floor, external walls, attic and roof.

Speaker Profile: Andrew Butler acts as KORE’s Technical Business Development Manager. Andrew graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology and has a varied background in engineering and architecture, giving him the perfect mix of skills and education needed to excel in his role. Andrew is also our in-house BIM expert, having worked closely with Waterford Institute of Technology on all our details.

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